Rangeland constitutes the largest single land use in the District. These uses range from economic to "quality of life" amenities. Livestock grazing, tourism, motorized recreation, fishing, hunting, wildlife observation and limited oil and gas development are key economic uses. Quality of life amenities may include open space, opportunities for solitude, quality recreation, and historical and cultural sites.

Proper resource and management of  these uses help mitigate degradation of the soils, water, riparian, vegetation and air quality resources of the District's rangelands.


Support proper management of rangelands (public and private) to promote sustainability and enhance productivity. 


  • Encourage and assist landowners in developing individual or cooperative rangeland management plans.
  • Support and utilize methods found in the Wyoming Rangeland Monitoring Guide to check progression towards, or achievement of, rangeland management goals and objectives.
  • Encourage weed and pest management on rangelands through private efforts and cooperative agreements with the Dubois-Crowheart Weed Management Area.
  • Provide education resources addressing the cause and effect of erosion (natural or man-made) due to urban and rural uses and development.
  • Communicate to the Fremont County Planning commission, potential adverse effects to soil resources caused by development.
  • Monitor Shoshone National Forest Plan and the Bureau of Land Management Lander Area Resource Management activities and decision that may affect or benefit District rangeland resources.