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The Dubois-Crowheart Conservation District (District, or DCCD) is a legally organized Wyoming Conservation District by Wyoming State Statutes (W.S. 11-16-101 through 11-16-134), as a legal subdivision of the State of Wyoming, Department of Agriculture. Formed on December 3, 1945, by a special referendum of the landowners in northwestern Fremont County, the Dubois-Crowheart Conservation District is responsible for the conservation of soil, water and related natural resources within its boundaries.


Since the original District was formed, two additions have occurred: the first in 1952, and the second in 1974.  Presently, the District is more or less 1,487,950 acres in size.


Last Modified on February 9, 2016

Applicable Statute: W.S. 11-16-103. Legislative Declarations and Policy:

(a) It is hereby declared that the farm and grazing lands of Wyoming are among the basic assets of the state; that improper land use practices cause and contribute to serious erosion of these lands by wind and water; that among the consequences

which would result from such conditions are the deterioration of soil and its fertility and the silting and sedimentation of stream channels, reservoirs, dams and ditches; that to conserve soil, and soil and water resources, and prevent and control soil erosion, it is necessary that land use practices contributing to soil erosion be discouraged and that appropriate soil conserving land use practices be adopted.


(b) It is hereby declared to be the policy of the legislature to provide for the conservation of the soil, and soil and water resources of this state, and for the control and prevention of soil erosion and for flood prevention or the conservation, development, utilization, and disposal of water, and thereby to stabilize ranching and farming operations, to preserve natural resources, protect the tax base, control floods, prevent impairment of dams and reservoirs, preserve wildlife, protect public lands, and protect and promote the health, safety and general welfare of the people of this state.

        Dubois-Crowheart Conservation District

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