Water Quality Program

Watershed Planning


Maintain and/or improve the quality and quantity of ground and surface water in the Dubois-Crowheart Conservation District.



 Maintain and add to credible baseline data of District water resources;

 Encourage and support school water monitoring program;

 Support Farm Bill programs that promote irrigation and riparian enhancement;

 Support the NRCS SNOTEL program, which is an automated system of snowpack and related climate sensors;

 Support the Town of Duboisí new wastewater treatment plant sampling and testing program;

 Investigate the desire for, and support local interest in, a source water protection plan for the Town of Dubois and its municipal water supply;

 Remain active in the revisions of the Shoshone National Forest Plan and the Bureau of Land Management Lander Area Resource Management Plan;

 Address the effects of proposals and decisions on area and municipal water resources;

 Work with Fremont County Planning Commission to promote septic system planning, design, maintenance and safety;

 Provide consultations about DCCD water testing programs;

 Promote and maintain the District Private Well Water Testing Program;

 Encourage use of irrigation practices appropriate to the land space, slope and practical production levels;

 Provide water quality education workshops for residents; and

Provide educational materials and support for maintenance of riparian areas.

Last Modified on February 9, 2016

The Water quality program at DCCD covers several major areas:

 Water quality monitoring

 Working with private individuals to implement practices to improve water quality

 Water quality education and outreach programs given to local school children and community groups

These efforts are funded in large part by a grant administered by the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality and by funds from the Wyoming Department of Agriculture.

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